BBC Persian TV: Dariush Interview

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مصاحبه بی بی سی با داریوش

Dariush Eghbali A phenomenon in the history of Iranian music, Dariush’s art carries forth an essence from an ancient land. Dariush’s music and his tremendous stylistic lyricism have touched the souls of people all over the world for over three decades. Dariush is a legend; he is one of the most gifted performers on the contemporary scene. He is one of the geniuses of the Iranian popular music. His evocative voice defines the great divide between raw power and beauty. His lyrics explore the intimate connection between pain and joy in the lives of ordinary hardworking people and in doing so; he gives profound expression to feelings known to all Iranians. His rich timbre and the emotion weaved around it is so beautiful to hear, it is at times painful to listen because of the dark expression of life’s passions and injustices. It is not an exaggeration to claim that his music is like poetry deeply felt and as such it has reached into the hearts of Iranian conscience.

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