Conversations with History: Akbar Ganji

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Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Iranian journalist and human rights activist Akbar Ganji
مصاحبه با اکبر گنجی

Akbar Ganji (Persian: اکبر گنجی , born 31 January 1960 in Tehran) is an Iranian journalist and writer. He has been described as a "Iran’s preeminent political dissident",[1] and a "wildly popular pro-democracy journalist" who has crossed press censorship "red lines" regularly, and received "death threats from government-affiliated thugs almost daily. A supporter of the Islamic revolution as a youth, he became dissenchanted in the mid-1990s and served time in Tehran's Evin Prison from 2001 to 2006 after publishing a series of stories on the murder of dissident authors known as the Chain Murders of Iran. [2] While in prison he issued a manifesto which established him as the first "prominent dissident, believing Muslim and former revolutionary" to call for a replacement of Iran's theocratic system with "a secular democracy.

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